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  1. Bullet  Holistic group living experience for 13-18 years old

  2. Bullet  Re-nurturing program

  3. Bullet  Comprehensive needs assessment

  4. Bullet  24 hour management program

  5. Bullet  Life story work

  6. Bullet  Integration to Education

  7. Bullet  Realistic system of reward and support

Mulberry House provides a safe and homely environment

in which staff promote 

Attachment Theory

Developing a "secure base"

A sense of security through routine, clear boundaries and ground rules

A sense of self worth by identifying a young persons strengths and interests and encourage to develop

new skills



Self worth

We create a holistic environment that places the person at the centre, to make the person important.

Mulberry's House Statement of Purpose

A Children's Welcome!

10-13 years old

A Children's Welcome!

13-18 years old

Mulberry House Care Services