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When you come to live at Mulberry House we recognize your individual rights and we believe that what you think, say and feel is important and we recognize that this is important to you.
We will make every effort to support your ideas, feelings and worries and to involve you in the decisions which affect your life. Mulberry House endeavors to respect and treat everyone equally whatever their abilities, religion, culture, ethnic origin, gender or sexuality. At Mulberry House we are continually checking out how well we are doing in this aim. We are determined that no one, either young people or staff, should receive or be put in a position in which they must accept prejudice or harassment because of their background.
While you are here we will value any comments you have about these things.
When you arrive here you will be told that you have a right to make a complaint about the care you receive from us and told about how to make a complaint and how that complaint will be dealt with. You will also be given a leaflet explaining how to make a complaint.
Mulberry House is a large family house in Herne Hill, which provides a place to live for up to 6 young people of different ages and background.
It has pleasant living rooms, a dining room, an activity room and eight single bedrooms. It has all of the furniture and equipment that you would find in most family homes. It also has a big garden.
Mulberry House is very near to the shops in Herne Hill and is close to bus stops and the overland station. There are schools, colleges, doctor and dentist surgeries, parks and a library close by.
The work of Mulberry House is to help you prepare for your future. Whilst at Mulberry House you will be helped to do this by your key worker and all of the staff.
When you arrive at Mulberry House you will be given a key worker who will take a special interest in you and your care plan. You should make sure that your key worker hears about any problems or worries you have about your stay at Mulberry House as soon as you arrive. It is your key worker’s job to listen to any concerns you have while you are at Mulberry House. Your key worker will be with you at any meetings you have to attend, such as planning meetings and reviews.
Remember though, it is the job of all staff to hear your concerns.


7.00 - 8.00
Staff wake everyone up so they can wash, dress, make their beds and come down for breakfast

8.00 - 8.15 
Residents and staff meet so that the day can be planned and so that people can get what they need for the day (e.g. travel money for school)

9.30 - 12.00
Activities and tuition timetable carried out by anyone who is not yet attending school or going out to work or training

12.00 -13.00 

13.00 –15.30
Activities and tuition timetable carried out by anyone who is not yet attending school or going out to work or training 

15.30 - 6.15 
Young people welcomed back from school with snack and light refreshments

17.00 -18.00 
Dinner (Wednesday 17.00 - 17.30 residents’ meeting)

18.00 -21.00 
Evening activities/homework/outings

21.00 -21.30 
21.30 13 years
22.00 14 - 18 years
22.30 Everyone quiet in their own rooms, (if you can’t sleep then read, draw or listen to music quietly).

 On Friday and Saturday nights bedtimes may be more flexible (within half an hour unless another exceptional arrangement has been agreed) if staff on duty agree.
Because of its well known health risks smoking is not allowed in Mulberry House and staff will discourage smoking because it is a health risk. Young people who do smoke may do so only in the back garden. This is so that no discomfort or risk through passive smoking is caused to those people who do not smoke.
No smoking is allowed in the building at all, and cigarettes must be lit up and put out in the back garden. All cigarette buds and papers must be thrown in the correct bins and not on the grass.
Staff and other residents thank you for your cooperation.

Mulberry House provides a range of evening, weekend and holiday activities which include swimming, cinema, pool, ice-skating and roller-skating. Other activities can be planned with staff.
Young people who come to Mulberry House with a special interest in recreational pursuits are encouraged to maintain that interest.
Eating is very important at Mulberry House, and we sit together at least once a day to enjoy a main meal together.
Our menu is varied and nutritional and there is a choice of main meal. Special diets are catered for and there is always a vegetarian dish available. We also provide a range of cultural foods to meet the needs of our residents.
Young people are encouraged to be a part of choosing the menu, and are also encouraged to take part in going out to shop for food and to take part in preparing for meals.
We always celebrate birthdays and other celebrations with a special meal. We occasionally buy "take away" food and we also occasionally go out to a restaurant together to eat.
If you wish, write down the food you like or dislike and give the list to your key worker.

If we allowed it to be, a home like Mulberry House could be a very lonely place and it is to keep this from happening that we believe it is very important for you to keep in regular touch with your family and other people who are important to you. Visits home are very important.

Well, we do of course want you to settle in with us but you are of course encouraged to visit home regularly. These visits (whether for a short period or overnight) are arranged with the agreement of your parents, or the people (for example grandparents or foster parents) you wish to visit, yourself, your social worker and your key worker. Mulberry House will pay for the train and bus fares for these visits.

We encourage your family and friends to visit you as long as it is outside of school hours, but exceptionally even in school hours may be possible too. We will try to provide you with a private space for you to be with your family. We are unable to allow your girl friends or boy friends to go into your bedroom when they visit.
We appreciate being given some prior notice of a visit in order that we can arrange for some private space for you and your visitors.
Young people are encouraged to go out and enjoy social and recreational activities but you must never leave the building without telling a member of staff where you are going. This is because we care about you and your safety and need to know where you are.
To help you keep in touch privately with your families, friends and social worker, and so that you can get in touch with us in an emergency, Mulberry House provides you with a weekly `phone card.
We would be grateful to you if you would ask your family and friends to call you on the pay phone rather than the office `phone, though of course there is always someone available on the office `phone in an emergency.
Although we hope this will never apply to you, sometimes young people go out and do not return when they have agreed to or when they know they should do. If this occurs it is reported to the police, your parents and/or your social worker.

On Saturday mornings you are given your pocket money once you have cleaned and tidied your room and have completed a helpful household task.

At Mulberry House, we respect your right to complain if you are unhappy with something. Don't worry if you feel your complaint is small or serious. The staff is here to listen and help.
Who do I complain to?
You can complain to your key-worker or any member of staff
If you complain to the staff, your complaint will be looked into by the Manager or Deputy Manager. They will talk to you about your complaint and inform your social worker if it is felt necessary.
What if I'm not happy complaining to Mulberry House staff? 
You can also complain to:
Your Social Worker: Telephone number 
Child line: 0800 1111
Voice for the Child in Care 020 7833 5792

What if I'm not happy with the outcome of my complaint? 
You do have the right to appeal the outcome of your complaint
 To your Social Worker:
 Voice for the Child in Care:
 Manager or Deputy Manager at Mulberry House

Other useful numbers for you are:
 The Homes Independent Visitor:
 The National Care Standards Commission: Tel no. 020 8280 0347

Mulberry's House Statement of Purpose

A Children's Welcome!

10-13 years old

A Children's Welcome!

13-18 years old

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Children ‘s welcome | Age: 13-18




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