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What happens when I arrive ?
Hopefully you would have visited us before but its ok if you haven’t. Firstly you will get to meet everyone and say hi.
We will take you to your room where we can help you unpack your things. We can talk about favourite foods, house rules and what to do if there is a fire. We will also tell you how to make a complaint and what to do if you feel you are being bullied.
Then we can explore the house and show you around. It is quite a large house with lots of things to do. You will also get to meet everyone again. Don’t worry if you can’t remember everyone’s name just ask. We are a friendly bunch.
Someone will be with you all the time to help you settle and you can ask as many questions you have as well. We would be more than happy to answer them.
You are quite welcome to take part in any activities or use any of the equipment that you like.
Once again WELCOME!
What is a Keyworker ?
When you arrive at Mulberry House you will be allocated someone who will be your keyworker. Your keyworker will be the main person you can talk to about anything you like about things that affect your care and is responsible for making sure your needs are met. This might be explaining to you what is happening to you while you are here and helping you to remain in contact with you family and friends. Your keyworker will also have contact with your social worker and your school and teacher.

What is a Keyworker Session ?
At times it is nice to have some individual time with your keyworker. You might like to go out with them and can talk about anything you like such as your future plans and what you would like to do or things you might like to happen. Also your keyworker will let you know of anything that affects your care. You will be given a box by your keyworker and in this box you can keep your precious memories such as photographs, letters, and certificates. We call this life story work. Your box is private and you can look at it at anytime in private or with a member of the care team if you wish. You can also ask to see your keyworker and request a keyworker session.
Remember you can also ask for individual time with any member of staff. We are happy to give you time.
House Meetings
Each day when you have returned from school we all sit down together to talk about our day with a drink and a small snack. We will also talk about things in the local community and make plans for outings and what we would all like to do. This could include what to do in the evening or any outside activities we would like to do. Once a week in the house meeting we can decide on the weekly menu. If anyone has any concerns these can also be spoken about and discussed. Young people or adults can also call a meeting if they wish to.
What is Expected of Me ?
With all homes we at Mulberry House have to set some basic ground rules. Some rules are there to make sure you are safe and others for the running of the house. These are the basic rules,
Please do not smoke in the house.
Young People are not allowed in each others rooms.
Please stick to the house routines such as house meetings, being ready on time for school, getting up and going to bed on time, and coming home on time.
Our main rule is : Treat Everybody With Respect.
Rules for the house will be decided and agreed together.

What Happens if:

I don’t feel very well?
We will look after you and take you to the doctors. You will be registered with a doctor, dentist and opticians.

I want someone to visit me?
We will talk to you about it and if it is ok we will help you arrange it.

I abuse anyone in the home?
We will talk to you and ask you to stop the abuse. We will help you explore your feelings and provide you with the support you might need to do so.

I want to go out?
We at Mulberry House will encourage young people to join in outside activities and join clubs etc. We have to ensure that what you would like to do when you are out is safe and we will negotiate a time for you to be home. If you do come home late we will ask you why? We will also take this into account if you ask to go out again.

I feel sad or I am crying?
Everyone feels sad at times. It is ok to feel sad. We will spend time with you to help you and support you through your sadness.

I need to use a phone?
Ask a member of the care team to use the phone. You can call your social worker and parents at anytime. There will however be rules as to when you can use the phone as others might want to as well. We will negotiate and decide together.

What if I break or damage anything?
Accidents do happen and that is fine. However if you do it purposely we will discuss with you why and you might be asked to make a contribution or help us replace the item.

I need some money?
Many activities will be paid for by Mulberry House. However you will receive a weekly amount of pocket money and we will also open a savings account for you. If you need any extra this will be negotiated with the care team.

Who does my washing?
The care team will have a daily wash. We will also support you and show you how to do your own washing if it is appropriate.

What Happens at Meal Times?
At Mulberry House we will all decide on a weekly menu. We have a cook who will prepare the meal. If you would like to help that would be fine but we have to make sure it is safe for you to do so. We all take our meals together and when we have finished we all help to clear things up. If there are certain foods you don’t like or are allergic to we will help you find an alternative when we plan the menu. You will not be expected to eat anything you don’t like but you will be encouraged to eat healthily.
A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Concerns and Complaints
If at any time you have a concern or a complaint about something then the first thing you need to do is speak to a member of the care team. Your complaint will always be listened to and don’t feel at all worried if you think you need to complain. There is a procedure that we will follow to make sure that your concerns are dealt with appropriately. They are as follows,

This has to be made in writing. If you have difficulty in writing your complaint then we will help you. This has then to be sent to the Care Manager who will investigate your complaint or concerns. The manager will arrange a meeting within 14 days with everyone who is involved.

Independent Person
Mulberry House will be regularly visited by someone by the registered Proprietor. This person is called the independent person. You can raise your concerns with this person and they will be happy to listen and help you.
Remember that if you have any concerns please make us aware of them as we can’t put things right if we don’t know what needs putting right.

Religious and Cultural Needs
At Mulberry House we celebrate peoples religion and cultural needs. We do not follow any particular religion or faith. We will support you in your culture and faith which might include the following,
Finding you a place of worship according to your faith. 
Supplying you with any religious clothing needs.
Follow any dietary needs.
Offer any other support that you need to follow your faith and cultural needs.
All people at Mulberry house are encouraged to respect each others faith, beliefs and culture. We will also encourage others to understand other beliefs and cultures.
Useful Information.
Here is some useful information and please fill in the parts that are left blank. A member of staff will help you if you need it.
Mulberry House Address is,
11 Thurlow Park Road
SE21 8JB
The phone number is, - 020 86 74 5200

My Social Workers name is,

Their address is,

Their phone number is,
My Keyworkers name is,
People I can talk to are,
NSPCC 0800 800 500
Youth Forum 01702 464315
Anti Bullying Campaign 0207 3781 446
Eating Disorders Association 01603 621 414
Careline (020) 8514 1177
Who Cares Linkline 0500 564 570
National Youth Advocacy Service for the Child in Care 0800 616 001

Children ‘s welcome | Age: 10-13




This is a short booklet to let you know something about us.

Our address is:

11 Thurlow Park Road


SE21 8JB

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Mulberry's House Statement of Purpose

A Children's Welcome!

10-13 years old

A Children's Welcome!

13-18 years old

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